Just like cars and mobile phones, massage tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes with specific features designed for the needs of different therapists. It is probably the most important purchase of your therapy career so it's very important you know exactly the type of table you want and need before purchasing!
Keep reading to get a better understanding about the different elements of a massage table. We're sure this will help you in your search!


The width of your table is one of the first things to consider when choosing a table, with many variables to be taken into account such as; your own height, the average build of your clients (a therapist for a rugby club would probably have a different size clientele than a beautician, for example!) and whether you will be carrying the table a lot for mobile treatments.

Our narrowest table is a 24” model, and while it can be easy to think a narrow table will be easy for you to manage, you must also consider the comfort of your clients, some might find 24” too tight a space to relax on!

The industry norm for massage tables is 28” or 30” wide. If you are uncertain that this might be too wide for you, a handy trick is to cut out these widths on a cardboard box and place them on your kitchen table. This will help you visualise how wide the table will be when you are treating a client. Ask yourself if you find the width comfortable to lean over when working, or if it will be a struggle to reach to the other side!


A massage table’s grade is the level of quality of the design, materials used and craftsmanship of the table. The lowest grade of massage table is classed as Budget Grade. These tables can be found on Amazon for around 100. We do not stock these here at Massage Store as we’ve learned the hard way over the years that, simply put, what you pay for is what you get and these tables often bring problems due to shoddy materials, design and build. 

Our table offerings start at Entry Level grade. These tables are perfect for students or beginners to massage as they’re excellent value while still being designed and constructed with high quality materials. These tables start at 185.

A Grade up from Entry Level is our Mid-Range collection. These tables are made with superior materials than the Entry Level tables and are ideal for those ready to upgrade their table. These tables are priced from 265.

Finally we have our Professional Grade tables. These tables are designed and built with the finest materials such as aircraft grade aluminium and parachute strength nylon to ensure a solid massage table that will last for many years to come. These tables are priced from 350 and are recommended for full time working therapists.


It doesn’t need much explanation as to why the weight of your massage table is an important factor! Your table will be by your side constantly which includes carrying it, folding it away and setting it up. Your own physical stature will directly influence how easy this is for you to do, as well as how frequently you will use the table for mobile treatments.

Anything from 12kg or lower would be considered a lightweight table, with our more robust tables weighing 13kg+. Before purchasing, check the weight of your current table or ask a friend who has one if you don’t have one at hand.

Keep in mind that a lifting backrest feature adds around 3kg to any table. If the weight of the table is important and the lifting backrest isn’t imperative for your treatments, it might be worth foregoing this feature. If you definitely need this feature, we recommend purchasing our Wheeled Carry Case to assist you in transporting your table!


All of our portable massage tables are height adjustable and should comfortably fit the majority of therapists. Give or take a few centimetres the height range is from 60cm-85cm.

To ensure the table you have your eye on will be suitable height-wise we suggest doing this simple exercise:

  1. Stand up straight with both hands by your sides. Clench your fists.
  2. Measure the distance between the floor and your knuckles.
  3. This distance should equal the height of your massage table.
  4. Add in an extra few inches in height to allow for the body of the client on the massage table. 

The majority of our wooden leg tables have a double nozzle height adjustment system, while our aluminium legs have a push-button height adjustment mechanic. Both systems are reliable and sturdy and take around 2 minutes to change the height of all four legs.


Our Massage Tables come in three different shapes:

Rectangle with Square Corners: The classic massage table shape, creating a clean aesthetic in any treatment room.

Rectangle with Rounded Corners: While there's not much difference than the square corners other than the look of the table, some therapists feel the rounded corners allows for smoother movement during a treatment.

Hourglass Shape: A table with an hourglass shape gives you the therapist the best of both worlds, as it provides ample surface space for your client at the shoulder and foot regions but  with the contoured, tapered waist you also get much closer access to your client, allowing you to perform a better treatment! This is the perfect solution for smaller therapists who struggle to reach over a 30” wide table but don’t want to sacrifice table space for their clients!


If you're still unsure what table might be the best for you, give us a call or pop us an email, we're here to help and advise!